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Sep 05

8 Seo Secrets To Getting Noticed In Google

By Dave R | SEO , services

Thanks to Business Business Business for publishing my article on SEO secrets to getting noticed.

Small business owners can do these simple steps to encourage the search engines to rate their website more highly, and increase the number of potential clients who find their website.

And a huge shout-out to Serina from The Joyful Frugalista for interviewing me.

Check out the article below.

Aug 01

Structured Data and Ranking Websites

By Dave R | SEO , services

Structured data tips - Canberra Expert SEO

Do you want new customers from web traffic? Higher search engine ranking means you're in front of your prospective customers' eyeballs when they are searching for your services and products online.

Can Structured Mark-up rank your website?

Search engines such as Bing or Google can quickly locate relevant results in structured mark-up that match up to a user's query, and feed them back in to the search engine results pages.

How Structured Data Helps Local SEO

Embedding a business's web pages with location and other relevant information allows Google and other popular search engines to quickly scan the page for items that match the user's query.

Search engines also reward websites that use structured data with enhanced organic search result placement.

These features can come in the form of:
- Stylised search results that include images and other types of visual enhancements
- Knowledge graphs that contain brand information about a business
- A carousel-style collection of results made up of a company's information
- Accelerated mobile pages that make it quick and easy for users to see relevant details on a business

Applying Structured Data With Local SEO contains many attributes that can be embedded in your HTML to distinguish specific bits of information.

Properly used, attributes can attract more local traffic and help search engines enhance your result before presenting it to the user.
Your business's location information is the perfect staring point. Any public facing data is a natural fit for embedding into mark-up schema.

Pulling Everything Together
Take the time to learn more about structured data and the role it can play in enhancing your business's placement in localised search results. Canberra Expert SEO can help you with understanding structured markup.

Leveraging structured data to your advantage helps future-proof your content, ensuring local users can find you using any web search technology including voice search.

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Thanks to Phil Frost from MainStreetROI c.2020