Monthly SEO Plan

You pay a fixed cost for Search Engine Optimization that includes social networks as well as keyword maintenance. This cost does not change as your business increases or your website gets higher in the search engines. Changing the number of keyword phrases we are working on will adjust your monthly price accordingly. If your web site is now placed where you wish it, and also you wish to merely preserve that ranking, then we can decrease your cost.


Pay Per Lead Plan

In the pay-per-lead plan, a customised website is built and ranked on your behalf. We have the potential customers call a totally free phone number to your company from that website. You may pay more for this option as you pay us for each call, however, you will be paying only for performance. You’ll know the telephone calls are from because the phone calls will state ‘Call courtesy of’. All customer telephone calls are tracked in this fashion.


There is a one-time setup fee of $99. This fee allows us to do keyword research, analyse your linking strategy, organise your social media accounts, and prepare your ongoing marketing plan. Quality SEO takes time to rank for keywords and bring in business. Plan on a six month process, although most businesses typically see results in three to four months.

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